Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Madiba's Smile

Acrylic on Canvas

I'm really blessed! This painting of Madiba will be on exhibition in L.A, Washington, New York and London

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Things I Love

Mix Media Journal page: Things that I love. Crafts. Visual Diary, Pen, acrylic, gesso, paper. Yana Fourie. Eccentric Eclectic Studio
Things I Love
This is one of my favourite mix media pages that I made.  Just a A5 paper, some turquoise and red acrylic paint. I prepared the page with some gesso before I started painting. On the background I paste a piece of magazine article and used bubble wrap with paint as a stencil. The font is done mostly with pen .

A list of my 5 things that I love
❤ God, my Saviour
❤ My loving family
❤ My pets
❤ Sand and see
❤ Cheese

Ndebele Woman Oil Painting

Oil on canvas by Yana Fourie

Painting these beads took me like forever!

Wind through my hair

Bird Song