A Little About Me

Hallo, from sunny South Africa. The land of vibrant colours and endless possibilities.

I want to share my journey of creativity with you. Especially if you love doing arts and crafts. If paper, paint and all beautiful things makes your heart skips a beat, then we do have something in common. Creativity and arts are a unique language that cross all borders. This is one of the biggest reasons why I blog, is to get out of the box to meet and share with like minded people across the world. I truly believes that each of us can inspire, learn and motivate other artist and crafters.

Mmmm.....now the little bit about me. I studied Fine Arts and did my further studies in Education. So, at the moment am a primary school teacher giving Afrikaans as language. (Please don't be to hard on me, English is not my first language!!!)

Deep down in my heart I'm still an artist trying to escape the ratrace. That's why I am really trying to make time to be creative in some or other way. Not always easy, because teaching does take up a lot of your time. My big goal and dream is to do design and do art as a living. Giving myself 5 years to accomplish it.

In a nutshell I will be sharing ideas, tutorials, some of my own art and crafts.

I would love you to join the creative journey with me. You are more than welcome to sign-up for a newsletter and leave your comments.

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